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Time For Three promotional video 
Produced & Edited by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer
Scholar “Sin In Me”
Directed by Adam Scherzer & Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer
Edited by Vanessa Briceño-ScherzerVideo-scholar.html
Santalina feat. Scholar “Kick in the Door”
Jaxum Records
Directed by Rob Schwartz & Eric Cui
Edited by Vanessa Briceño-ScherzerVideo-santalina.html

Online promotions
On-Air television promotions
Over the past several years, I had the opportunity to write, produce and edit, a wide variety of local on-air promotions for WUVP (Univision 65) and WPHL (myphl17), where I created  promos for shows such as Friends, Scrubs, According to Jim, Family Guy, Maury, Cheaters, Will & Grace, Sex and the City, Two and a Half Men, My Wife and Kids, and the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. tv17.html
”Your Life.Their Voice.”
New York Film Festival finalist teaser  (2009)
Produced, Filmed  & Edited by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer & Melody Tash

East Coast Chamber Orchestra (2009)
Perforamnces at the South Orange Perforaming Arts Center
Produced & Edited by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer
Camera by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer & Melody TashVideo-ECCO.html